Chitwood, Exchange Student Was Planning to “Shoot down” Bonner and Prendie

Mike Chitwood of Upper Darby Police explains charges against exchange student

Monday morning, it was revealed that foreign exchange student An Tso Sun, who was arrested for making threats to “shoot up” Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School, had been researching how to buy the same weapon, an AR-15 that have been used by school shooters in Parkland, Florida and other school shootings.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood stated that Sun had built his own 9 mm handgun and had in his possession 1600 rounds of ammunition for various weapons. Chitwood stated that Sun also was researching the AR-15 and AR-47 while using his school issued I-Pad. Chitwood stated that when you add all the elements of Sun’s research, the ammunition he had already acquired, the discovery of Sun building his own 9 mm handgun and the various pieces of evidence that were found last week in the home of Sun’s host family’s home, that the pieces point to one direction, “when we add it all up, there is no doubt in our minds that he was planning something.” Continuing Chitwood was id he believed that Sun “was going to shoot down the school.”

Chitwood announced that the police department would be meeting with Homeland Security to go over the evidence and get involved in the case. The host family for Sun have stated they were unaware of Sun ‘s purchases and research. When Sun was arrested last Tuesday, the family believed the evidence found in their home were part of a Halloween costume. The items found were a military styled vest which had ammunition clips, 9 mm ammunition, a cross bow that held a scope with 7 arrows and the holding dock for the 9-mm ammunition. Defense attorney for Sun, Enrique Latoison, stated that Sun was not a threat and that Sun was not blaming any style of attack.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Chitwood stated that the way the school and students called attention to Sun and his threat was exactly what they should have done. “I can’t commend the school enough for doing the right thing,” Chitwood said. The idea of see something, say something, Chitwood said, prevented any type of violence. Chitwood has strived to tell residents the importance of the see something, say something policy as it is the best way to keep a community safe.

Sun is still being held in lieu of bail which was $100,000. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement also placed a retainer on Sun if Sun were to be releases on bail.