Trump Paid Pennies on the Dollar to Atlantic City Employees but Rakes in Millions From Taxpayers for Golf Outings

It only took a moment, while driving into Atlantic City, that the legacy of Donald Trump is still a source of how his casino empire fell and almost took the city with him. The former Trump Plaza has been reduced to a fading tower of busted stucco and siding. The building will be torn down at some point but for some, it can’t happen soon enough.

Cab driver Joe, (didn’t want to give out his last name) said that there will be a big party for a lot of people whent he building comes tumbling down. “He stole from workers and reneged on contracts to pay workers. He is a disgrace and if it were up to me, he would be in a debtors prison somewhere, not in the damn White House.’

Joe wasn’t far off in his accusations of workers who were never paid. According to The Unite Here Local 54 casino workers union, they had negotiated a deal in 2009 with Trump Entertainment Resorts that required the company to pay certain employees in the event that Trump Plaza closed or sold and that happened when Trump Entertainment filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and shuttered operations at the 900-room hotel and gaming venue. Yet, it took until last week for the employees to receive their promised paychecks. One reason was the Trump property was aquired by Carl Icahn. Icahn still owns the Trump Plaza which is slated for demolition at the cost of $13 million.

At the time when Trump was buying up Atlantic City properties and becoming what he predicted, a savior for Atlantic City, local contractors were hired to complete the Trump theme in his casinos and hotels. Yet, within 2 years of Trump’s so called successful business skills, 235 contractors were in the midsts of leveling contractor legal suits against Trump.

One of the hardest hit was marble supplier John Millar, who was owed $3.9 million for the work done at the Trump Plaza. Another contractor Mario Paone, president of Hastings Pavement, only received $100,000 for $1.3 million for the work his company provided to Trump. One of the hardest hit was marble supplier John Millar, who was owed $3.9 million for the importer marble that Trump had installed throughout the casino hotel.

For Millar, Trump caused the destruction of his own business. Millar had to lay off workers, shut down his business Avalon Commercial, close many of his retail stores and borrow from friends to make ends meet, according to court documents and Millar’s lawyers and former employees. In 1996, he filed for personal bankruptcy. All because Trump did not pay what was owned to the company.

In Atlantic City, the mention of Trump causes a furor and it would appear with good reason. According to Trump, while campaigning in 2016 for President, “I have a tremendous amount of cash”, yet his own accountants showed that in 1990 Trump had been burning through cash in his personal accounts so fast that it would take less than a year for all of this capital to be exhusted. Trump declared bankruptcy in 1991 with vendors and contractors only receiving about 30 cents on the dollar, if they were lucky. Some never saw a paycheck.

In contrast to Trump not paying for the labor that created the hotels and casinos in Atlantic City, Trump is billing the naion for his golf course, cart fees, food and lodging for not only himself but his family and even the Secret Service who are protecting this President. Since taking office in January 2017, President Trump has reportedly spent more than 150 days at his company’s properties. His trips also often include White House staff and other executive branch officials.

Trump has reportedly been on the grounds of his golf courses or played golf 159 times since becoming President as of October 7th, 2018. Golf News reports that “Trump has spent nearly 25 percent of his days in office at one of his golf properties for some portion of the day. There have been days where Trump has visited one of his golf clubs and not played golf. He made a 40-minute visit to his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., and he has made a three-day visit to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., to watch the 2017 US Women’s Open, unfolding at that club. Trump spent a 17-day “working vacation” at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., in August, which meant all of those days count as days on his golf courses, even though he didn’t necessarily play golf on all of those days.”

Trump's secret service entourage while he golfs

What is the cost to the taxpayers for these days away from the White House. The precise number is not known yet but according to estimates for the cost of security, rental fees to his clubs and food, the cost will total about $78 million. ( Will the Trump organization take 30 cents on the dollar like the contractors in Atlantic City had to take? We are not quite 2 years into the administration of Donald Trump which begs the question how much more money will he make on the back of taxpayers?

Trump Administration Admits Truth, Kavanaugh Will End Reproductive Rights for Women

After the swearing-in of one of the most controversial Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s GOP and those in his administration, acknowledged the goal of overturning Roe v Wade had finally been acomplished. Kellyanne Conway , counselor to the President, stated that Trump kept his “promise” to the anti-choice movement by confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

On Sunday morning’s edition of “This Week,” host Jonathan Karl asked Conway if she expects the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. Karl pointed out that Trump has appointed those to the court who has stated that precident could be overturned and that was Trump’s promise during the 2016 campaign to which Conway stated, ““No, it’s not a broken promise,” Conway said, claiming that Trump is nominating people “who are going to apply the law.” Conway also stated now the administration and court will work towards “people are going to look at state law and the circuit law” for ways to restrict abortion.

Although, Republicans such as Senator Susan Collins asssured voters that Roe v Wade is settled law, Kavanaugh does not appear to believe that as he wrote in an email,
“I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule its precedent, and three current Justices on the Court would do so.”

During his Senate confirmation hearings Kavanaugh also stated the right wing lie that birth control medication “abortion-inducing drugs.”





Trump Collapses From Exhaustion After Ninety Minutes of Faking Empathy — News, Politics, Opinion, Commentary, and Analysis

Andy Borowitz jokes that President Trump collapsed from exhaustion after pretending to be an empathetic human in his State of the Union address.

Donald J. Trump collapsed from exhaustion after approximately ninety minutes of pretending to be a human being with empathy, the White House doctor has confirmed.

“In all my years of practicing medicine, I have never met a patient as healthy and vigorous as President Trump,” Dr. Ronny Jackson said. “But the sustained effort of simulating compassion proved too much for someone who has never exercised that part of his brain before.”

Shortly after Trump spent a gruelling ninety minutes pretending to care about immigrants, the unemployed, and other people whom he normally dismisses as losers, aides noticed that he was turning from a bright orange to a slightly paler orange before crumpling to the ground in a giant heap.

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Politics MIAMI- If you thought you knew too much about President Bill Clinton’s sex life, get ready to expand your knowledge, more than you already have. President Trump’s sex life has been a topic of discussion since he was campaigning to be elected President, and it hasn’t stopped now that he is in the oval office. From his dating tips to Billy Bush, “grab em by the pussy” to leaking nude photos of his wife so the world could see “she’s a knockout”, we thought we heard it all.

When the infamous Russian dossier was revealed and Mr. Trump’s love of pissing on hookers was exposed, Trump denied the allegations and claimed that he was the target of fake news. So the response from the White House was eagerly anticipated after more Trump sexcursions made headlines last week.


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Reasons to Love Donald Trump — The Learning Curve

*This is my next speech in Toastmasters, from the Advanced Manual “The Entertaining Speaker”

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, so I really hated myself when I chose to talk about why we should love him! But it is good to take a contrarian view sometimes. So, here are my thoughts on why he  he needs a bit of sympathy:

  1. Teaches us how to raise kids – I am not sure how many of you pamper your kids every time. But he doesn’t! He makes it a point to not have his kids being given things on a silver platter. This essentially means you are teaching your kids how difficult it is to earn money and have them respect the same.
  2. Shares his feelings openly: By now we know he was not completed fit for the position of the President of Untied States. This is because he doesn’t know what, when, and how to speak. In fact, he mentioned this about his daughter Ivanka Trump, “She has a great figure. Had she not been my daughter, I would have been dating her.” Huh! But I like people who come out clean rather than keeping such thoughts to them.

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