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WASHINGTON (CBS) – Three generations of Eagles fans are headed to the Super Bowl thanks to a family pact made 13 years ago.

Mike Brest, an intern for CBS affiliate WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C., says he has one goal in mind: watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl with his dad and grandfather by his side.

The opportunity wouldn’t have been possible, though, without a simple wager.

“My grandfather made a deal with me after the last Eagles’ Super Bowl loss in 2004 – if they make it again in his lifetime, the two of us, and my dad, would go to it,” Brest writes.

And 13 years later, the Birds are making their third Super Bowl appearance.

Brest says his grandfather–who turns 90 next month–and dad pulled the trigger on buying the tickets during the middle of the season.

“Back in November, my dad and grandfather pulled the trigger and purchased Super Bowl tickets three months in advance,” said Brest. “While excited, it felt like a betrayal because I wasn’t sure if I could stomach going to the biggest sporting event in the country if my Eagles weren’t a participant in it.”

Luckily for them, the Eagles soared to victory despite obstacles along the way.

Brest is happy to be taking part in the experience of a lifetime, but they have to win!

“Friends and relatives keep mentioning what a great experience it will be but that’s not how we’re looking at it. We’re happy to be going, but we won’t be happy watching them lose,” he says.

Go Eagles!

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