FINALLY, That’s all we can say, FINALLY

The Philadelphia Eagles, the UnderDogs once again, took on the favored New England Patriots, the 5 Times Super Bowl Champs, and it happened, FINALLY! The team that did not get the respect due a NFC Champ, the team that this blue-collared, loyal, in your face devotion, and most disrepected fan base in the NFL, took on those those seemingly perfect Patriots, showing no fear, are now THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. FINALLY!

This was a Super Bowl for the ages. The never quit Eagles, who had lost star quarterback, Caron Wentz in week 14, found their faith restored with the come back king, quarterback Nick Foles. Foles had been with the Eagles in 2012, where he shattered passing records and he became the second quarterback to post a perfect passer rating (158.3) while passing for more than 400 yards, and also the first quarterback in NFL history to post a perfect passer rating and throw seven touchdowns in a single game. Only to be traded by Chip Kelly, Foles played with the Rams and KC Chiefs. Foles even speculated  that he should retire but then the call came, the Eagles wanted him back. Now he can add Super Bowl MVP to his achievements. So much for retirement.

This team, this year, was meant to be for all of the fans who always believed. This team was considered DOA after Carson Wentz went down. Wentz told us no, Coach Pederson said nope, we aren’t giving up and the fans they never stopped believing.

There will be plenty of columns written about the plays that were called, the defense that stopped another Brady miracle and the yards gained. No, that is not this column. This is a love letter of sorts. You are the hard knocks life fans but we never, ever gave up. Year after year, week after week, even coach after coach, You never gave up. The Eagles will tell you, they knew that, they believed in you, too. They shared with you their admiration for your truth telling, for your football knowledge, and for always believing it could happen. Most importantly, every day of the week, not just Sunday, that energy became the bloodline that drove this team.

So for all of you, all you crazy in love with your Philadelphia Eagles, THEY DID IT! FINALLY

Philly Gearing Up For Historic Eagles Parade — CBS Philly


 “If this team ever does win a Super Bowl, and God I hope I live to see it, it would be the biggest celebration in the history of sports,” Pro Football Hall Of Fame writer Ray Didinger said on 94WIP back in December of 2014.

Nick Foles Named Super Bowl MVP 

“I think it was Cris Collinsworth that said it will be the biggest sports parade in history if the Eagles win the Super Bowl,” Ed Rendell said last week. “I think it really will be.”

Eagles Win First Super Bowl Ever 

Well, the Eagles made this a reality. Soon they will head down Broad Street with fans lining the road!

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via Philly Gearing Up For Historic Eagles Parade — CBS Philly

Reliving the Philadelphia Eagles’ Past Chances at Super Bowl Glory — iPhillySports

News flash: The Philadelphia Eagles have never won a Super Bowl. Pretty shocking, right? I’ll bet you hadn’t heard that yet this week. But the Eagles have come close to Super Bowl glory on several notable occasions, and a loss Sunday to the New England Patriots in Minneapolis would make them one of just three plus Super Bowl appearances and zero Vince Lombardi Trophies (the Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills are both 0-of-4).

It’s also possible the Eagles pull off the upset in Super Bowl LII. The Pats are only 4.5-point favorites, and underdogs have won five of the last six Super Bowls.

Before that does or doesn’t happen, let’s remind everyone—with help from legendary Eagles play-by-play voice Merrill Reese—what Eagles fans have endured over the last six decades by reliving five times Philly had a shot at Super Bowl success.

via Reliving the Philadelphia Eagles’ Past Chances at Super Bowl Glory — iPhillySports