Breaking News: Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro Maced by Hillary Clinton

Fox News political commentator ended up finding more than what she bargained for Saturday night in upstate New York. Former Jeanine Pirro has been working hard for the network since she was awarded her own political commentary show, especially to prove her chops as a real journalist. In a quest to be considered a journalist, Pirro and crew took off the woods of upstate New York in search of the newest legend to spring forth from these woods. The search for Hillary Clinton.


Although, Clinton had been found over a year ago, after the stunning loss to President Donald Trump, Pirro’s pitched the story as a whatever happened to story. Fox ran with it. As Pirro search the area and asked area residents where Secretary Clinton was hiding out at, her deadline was fast approaching. Pirro kept up the task of walking in the very footpaths that Clinton had taken only 14 months ago.

Then it happened. Pirro spied Clinton walking again through the same woods looking for the same answers to her greatest question, “why.” As Clinton pondered her thoughts, she was unaware, that behind the great pine. Pirro laying in wait. Pirro sprung into action causing the former First Lady to let out a scream. Without any hesitation, Pirro was running towards Clinton when the unexpected occurred. Clinton spray Pirro right in the face with Mace! Pirro dropped to her knees, howling in pain, blinded by the mace. Pirro screamed, “Don’t let her get away, “but her only cameraman was already put his camera down to attend to Pirro.  In a stunning show athleticism, Clinton ran off with her security detail now attending to Pirro.

Thankfully for Pirro, the dose was not too bad as a short trip to the emergency room took care of her swollen eyes and rash. After a 3 hour ‘discussion’ with the Secret Service, Pirro was released.  Unfortunately, the tape of the incident was damaged when the cameraman ran to Pirro’s defense. So, the legend of Hillary Clinton in the woods continues. Who will be brave enough to go in search for this elusive legend.







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